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Psychotherapists Victoria Lebeau and Rebecca Danelski are known as the the infamous duo "Vicky and Becky " in LCSW circles. Suite mates and sweet friends who play dirty.

Sadly, they will only support each other not the client. So, if they feel they made huge mistakes and caused substantial harm they will do whatever needs to be done before the Licensing Board comes knocking on their Culver City door. And that includes UNETHICAL and DISHONEST behavior that character assassinates the client.

Personally, their dishonesty destroyed me, I fell into a major major depression that left me unable to work. I lost my apartment and most of my relationships including my precious little nieces.

WHY? Because a therapist should have known what the heck she was doing and rather than help me find another therapist, her own guilt manifested in fear and the unethical race to save her license began.

Mimi another LCSW refers them but her own character is in serious question.

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Vicky and Becky need to find jobs baking bread or writing fortunes in cookies....something that does not have contact with human life.

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