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It is with some trepidation I write this but I to have been a victim of this nutty psychotherapist.

Victoria Lebeau is not trustworthy. She has already abused her role of therapist to defame clients. To spend any money on this woman who calls herself a licensed clinical social worker is a really bad investment as well as a danger. She is clueless, dishonest and and sham. In a city with a million psychotherapists I say search on...Look for a psychologist, someone with more of a skill set. Victoria is either deceiving or forget because she drinks too much white wine and jumbles all the facts. THe only person it will hurt is YOU the client or consumer.

I say keep looking because the only thing you will get with her are more problems.

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Bryne, Rogaland, Norway #219056

I have been a victim of Ms. Lebeau. RUN!!

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